Dialog: New Mobile Broadband Plans for Post Paid Subscribers

Dialog has introduced new affordable post paid mobile broadband monthly plans.
These plans are the same ones which were published in this blog some time back when it was spotted on the TRCSL website.


 Standard Data Packages

Latest postpaid data package from Dialog with special data bundles for day and night Start surfing all night after your busy day
Monthly Rental Free Data bundle TRC Reference Refundable Deposit
  9a.m – 11.59p.m 00.00a.m – 8.59a.m    
Rs. 350.00* 2GB 4GB TRC/D/Promo/12/30(p) Rs. 1000.00
Rs. 450.00 2GB 4GB TRC/D/Promo/13/05 Rs. 1000.00
Rs. 650.00 4GB 4GB TRC/D/Promo/13/05 Rs. 1000.00
Rs. 950.00 7GB 4GB TRC/D/Promo/13/05 Rs. 1000.00
Rs.1450.00 12GB 4GB TRC/D/Promo/13/05 Rs. 1500.00
  • Extra usage will be charged at Rs.0.20 per MB
  • * A joining fee of Rs.1000/- will be charged for Rs.350.00 package

Source and More Info : http://www.dialog.lk/personal/broadband/hspa/postpaid-plans/standard-data-packages/

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